"Up!  you Mighty Race, You can Accomplish what you will" Marcus Mosiah, Garvey

This is a new day and a new era for Black People in America, it's the beginning of something whose time has come and should of been done years ago. We shall divest ourselves from the Democratic and Republican parties for reasons that are quite obvious. We receive No proper representation from either political party. So it is beholden upon us as Black Men and Women to do what real men and women do for themselves. In August of 2005 Katrina hit and we as African Americans were reminded how this nation relegates us as second class citizens and also look upon us as refugees. As the world looked on we were allowed to drown, die, starve and rounded up like cattle in such a depraved way that it bordered on genocide.

After this I thought about why are we supporting people that don't support us and why do we belong to parties that don't support us as it's citizens and will only come to look for our support when it's time to vote for them at election time. No longer shall we be mis-represented and treated as if we don't matter until it's time to vote. So on February 26, 2006 The Black People Party was created and its duty shall be to represent us properly on a political stage and to empower us to make our vote's count. We will support only those who support us and our mantra will be "Race First" so our agenda will be forefront to us and that our agenda will also get heard and offer up more results then it has been getting.

The Black People Party shall be representative to every black woman, man, child and person of African descent who believes in our tenets and charter.The political party will be a division of the Organization of Pan African Unity www.oopau.org, which will be a tribute to Malcolm and his Organization of Afro-American Unity. The party will also be a vessel so that our collective voices will be heard by the power's that be. We currently have a fragmented leadership that other's go to when they want to know what the black community is thinking as if one individual knows what a mass of people are thinking. Also we have so-called self appointed leadership that will accept a few sheckles to speak for a entire people and say they represent us as if we anointed them. So this is also a wake-up call to those individuals as well, we will no longer allow you to speak for the masses and we will speak for ourselves collectively.

Kwame Ture had a saying that resonates with me today and I always say it to our people like Kwame did and that is "Organize Organize Organize" we have let down all the heroes and sheroes of our culture and it's about time that we stand up and live up to what they expected us to be and do for ourselves. No longer shall we let them down, we have to rise up as Marcus stated and be what we want to be and will what we want ! We are the people that gave civilization to the world and also gave the world it's first governments. So let's look into our past and relearn what we once did then, and do it today. Our Children are dying and suffering we have to sacrifice for the children of today and the one's for tomorrow.

Black People Party is open to the people at birth and we will have a youth organization that will allow our children to grow into the leaders that they are capable of being. We will also have a rites of passage program that will show our youth how to be leaders and responsible adults, and to love their entire black family. Membership is also open to our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, Africa, South America,South Pacific, East India and the rest of the Diaspora. We must not forget about Rwanda, and what's currently going on in the Sudan and the Congo. We are brothers and sisters collectively. Where one Blackman or woman suffers in the world today we all suffer. It is inherent upon us to organize worldwide and our organization will submit to be included into the African Union, for at this moment we have no membership or representation.

I must say that this is a travesty! We have people waiting for us to wake up and to take our proper place in the world, it's like waiting for a child to grow up and in some ways we are that child. There are leaders of countries and organizations in the world that will help us and support us to take our rightful place in the dialogue that is going on. How can we do that if we don't have any representation? I like to say now that we in America will like to call the next Pan African Conference and discuss how we can organize with our brother's and sister's around the Diaspora. I believe the people of the Caribbean have petitioned to be a part of The African Union, So let it be known, that The Black People Party will speak to the leadership of the African Union to become a member state in the Union. African's must unite wherever they are in the Diaspora.

So let me make this call for people to join our party, we need, religious leaders, lawyers, doctors, teachers, organizers, writers, poets. The hip hop community, web designers, webmasters  and anyone that want to be a part of this to make this a reality. We need you to email us to let us know your skills and how we can utilize them to help us grow. We are going to organize on every local level in this country for it is how revolutionary ideas are formed and created. We must sit down collectively write our charter, our tenants and what we stand for and against. We will also file for our 503(c) 3 status as a nonprofit organization. So people there is a lot of building that has to go on so let's do this?

This is a collective so no one in the party is more or less important then anyone else. We will speak collectively and be leaders, collectively. When we issue statements to the media it will be done collectively. There will be people in leadership roles but they serve the people first and not themselves. And when a statement is made by one of our members that we collectively disagree with we will get with that individual and get him or her to state that it is their individual statement and The Black People Party isn't in agreement with his or her statement. So now let us let our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora know that we stand with them and will fight with them. That we need their help right now, so we can stand on our own two feet and look into their eye's not in shame but out of respect for one another.

We like for people to contact us currently by email until we get our offices up and running and the phones. We need all of those organizers that like to be charter members and will go down in our history of The Black People Party as charter members. Who envisioned a better tomorrow for the people. Membership cards will go out in numerical order accordingly on how we're contacted. Also I like to state that any and all donations are appreciated at this time for we're not trying to do this on the cheap. If we're serious we have to be willing to fund our children’s future. All funds will be deposited in a black bank we will give out quarterly accounting reports of every dollar raised and spent by a nationally known black accounting firm.

All banks and institutions that we do business with will be black owned institutions, so we can learn what true empowerment is. Why I decided to do this? I have a great love for my people and have been in the trenches for us since I became a conscious African. And when I read Walter Mosley's "A New Black Power"  it inspired me to also read his book "Life Out of Context." I'm not a webmaster and trying to do this the best I can and need the help of a conscious webmaster, but what I've done is allow my ancestors spirits to speak through me and call for others to join me in making this a reality. I'm not a English major so any misspellings, punctuation, or grammatical errors please forgive me, I'm doing the best I can. At this time I like to call out to the Hip Hop community, athletes, entertainers and leaders for your support for if we desire change and if you're really serious about your people we should expect your help. Russell Simmons, P Diddy, I need your help if you can organize for the Democratic party you can certainly organize for your own Black People Party. This is not being said out of malice,  but out of love my brothers. If you brothers don't know it or not it's the Hip Hop generation turn to lead the people, and you have to wonder how history will judge that generation.

Let's make this a reality people, and I like to thank everyone in advance for their future support. Please join our Facebook Group "African World Community" Please spread the word that we're there.

Please visit our sister site www.oopau.org

https://www.facebook.com/groups/206038769502848/   this is a link for the Facebook page of The Black People Party...Please feel free to join.


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"It comes to the indiviual, the race the nation, once in a life time to decide upon the course to be pursued as a career. The hour has struck for the individual Negro as well as the entire race to decide the course that will be pursued in the interest of our own liberty" Marcus Mosiah, Garvey


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