When I look back at the historical role and the historical manifestations on Pan-Africanism, I deal with the first organized society in the Nile Valley, when the people of the South and the North...came together to form a country now known to the world as Egypt...The unification of the Upper and Lower Nile was an act of Pan Africanism, putting a portion of Africa together for the whole of Africa to be together...Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Chancellor William's plan is a Masterpiece it is something that every person with black blood in their vein's should read and study. Here is a plan that call's for Pan-Africanism and the Uniting of African's worldwide just as Malcolm's plan did. What Chancellor's plan differs with Malcolm's is that Chancellor is a historian and is bringing this from a historical view point. Granted that Malcolm's plan was written with our Great Elder, Dr. John Henrik Clarke it is Chancellor's plan that most Conscious African's mention when they speak of a plan. So people just call it "The Plan" which I also choose to call it.

Read "The Plan" analyze it, savor it, rejoice in it, for here is something that I feel would liberate African People world wide so students, youth, conscious people, use this as your Master Plan towards your liberation. If you have to adapt it to suit your needs, then do so. When I first read this year’s ago, I said this is it! This is what I been searching for and what we need as a people. So here is the Masterpiece "The Plan"

                A View From The Bridge

What, then, is “the view from the bridge”? The outlook is grim. For the black people of the world there is no bright tomorrow. The Blacks may continue to live in their dream world of singing, dancing, marching, praying and hoping, because of the deluding signs of what looks like victories—still trusting in the ultimate justice of the white man; but a thousand years hence their descendants will be substantially where the race was a thousand years before. For the white people, still masters of the world, do not have to yield.

They have never changed their real attitude toward black people during all the passing centuries, and there is absolutely nothing upon which to base the belief that they will change in the centuries to come. Concessions on some demands, yes. Expediency dictates this. Noting that the black masses accept as leaders any and all “Negroes” who hold important positions, the whites, who control these positions directly or indirectly, actually determine who the leaders of Blacks shall be as independent black organizations emerge.
The dangling attractions of government and foundation grants are there to quiet the outspoken but money-hungry “leaders.” Indeed, some of these leaders were quick in discovering that the most certain route to a handsome grant or “loan” is pretended outrage and shouting “militancy.” The whites know this all too well. They are quite willing to pour millions of dollars into all kinds of black community projects precisely because they know that these phony leaders will do nothing that will really improve the conditions under which the black masses live.

Blacks are still hopelessly naive if they do not yet understand that the whites never did, and do not now, intend to include Blacks in the doctrine of human equality, equal justice or anything else that means real equality. The white determination to keep Blacks in an inferior position is so deep that they will battle against the enactment of civil rights laws even when they know there will be no real enforcement. The opposition is to the very idea of equality.

Those Negroes who are so frantically fighting to escape from the African race by way of “integration” and amalgamation will continue to meet everlasting and universal opposition from the whites. The Negro drive to be with whites in every situation is equalled by the white determination to prevent it. Yet the whites must truly feel a deep sense of pride in seeing this Negro leadership so clearly validating their own belief in white superiority. Their pretended “Quality Education” objective actually collapses under the wheels of buses for “racial balance.” They are proclaiming to all the world that, regardless of general desegregation, in any all-black or predominantly black population, the Blacks themselves are utterly incapable of achieving or maintaining high standards of excellence in education or, indeed, anything else. Here we have, Within the race, the intolerable situation of an anti-black group proclaiming the race’s inherent inferiority more effectively than the whites ever could, precisely because this group is regarded as “black.” Furthermore, and even of greater importance, the amalgamationist Negroes generally hold most of the administrative and key teaching posts in the educational system. Through sheer indifference, therefore, they can block the development of the quality education in black schools while, at the same time, sending their own children to white private schools. Their remaining interest in the black schools is the money derived from their supervisory and teaching positions.

Meanwhile, black students in the so-called integrated schools and colleges throughout the United States continue to tell the world that they are as segregated within as they were without. Far from being accepted, daily insults of various kinds occur inside the classrooms, in the halls, and on the outside. When fights break out, as they inevitably do, and the police are called in, .they generally arrest the black students, not the white students, no matter who started the trouble. A press report, September 15, 1972, simply read: “During, the recess hour a black male student was called an offensive name by two white boys and pushed against the wall. A general fight broke out between black and white students. Police were called. Thirteen black students were arrested and jailed.”

Now, of course, all this is public information, and is news to no one.
But some of the salient facts that seem to stand out clearly are as follows:

1. White America is definitely and unalterably opposed to the integration and amalgamation of the two races.

2. Black America, the masses, are equally opposed to the integration and amalgamation of the races.

3. The drive for more and more amalgamation is, and always has been spearheaded by those “coloureds” who maintain a separatist society within the black race, and who are not, and never have been, identified with the black masses.

4. Since everybody knows that there are millions of light-skinned members of the race, some as white as any Caucasian, who are as African in spirit and are as devoted to the race as anyone else, the crucial question is how long will this other white oriented group be allowed to block the real progress of the race?

5. Those who seek and hope for admittance into white society should not be criticized or condemned. As previously stated, it is an individual matter of choice, and it is both natural and right if their “blood-call” is to the white race rather than to the Black. But they cannot be allowed to use their imposed leadership positions to brow-beat all Black Americans into the line of march toward white society per Se, and thus towards the ultimate extinction of Blacks as such in this country: it is along this line against their benign genocide that the real battle for survival as a distinct people must be fought.

6. The drive for “integration” is most damnable on one score alone: It is a deliberate and stepped-up attack on the most significant aspects of the Black Revolution of the Sixties. That Revolt was the reversal in the psychology of the race, a quest for its lost manhood by first emancipating the mind from the bondage of over-Caucasianization, and to establish forever .the real basis for equality with the rest of mankind from the rediscovered pages of a history that was supposed to be “Kist” because it reveals a long line of giants unsurpassed by any people on earth.

The Negro integrationists are hostile to the Black Revolution, and aim to defeat its main aims by forcing the black children and youth of the nation more directly under “white education.” Once again, as in slavery, they will be cut off not only from the history of their race, but they will also be cut off from a knowledge of all the other fields in which Blacks have excelled, and from which comes the inspiration to “go. forth and do likewise.” The great mental revolution among the Blacks that eventuates in more and more self-respect and a new sense of manhood and self worth, all this alarms the Negro integrationists, and they are resolved to. Defeat it by keeping the Blacks firmly under the mind control of white institutions.

7. They are absolutely right about the general lack of “quality education” in black schools, the very schools in which they are the principal supervisors and teachers. But their minds and interests are elsewhere. “Ghetto” child are un-teachable, they assure themselves. And they and their equally misguided principals and teachers of all kinds will fight to the death a Clark or any other plan that is expressly designed to improve the teaching and learning processes in black schools. They fear the very idea of “community control” because it presents the possibility that irate parents might demand the removal of the merely jobholding and indifferent principals and teachers.

8. The millions of Africans of mixed blood who have always been steadfast and devoted to the race know that when the white man gives them a preferential status above the “unmixed,” but always below himself, he does so to maintain the myth of superior “white blood.” Their redemption from the sin of African blood is proportionate to the amount of “white blood” in their veins. Indeed, if one is light enough, or near-white, he may even be appointed Secretary of a Department of the U.S. Government, and a member of the President’s Cabinet—and still not equal.

Furthermore, white America has found that their purposes were served best by classifying as “Negro” all persons with any amount of African blood, no matter how small. This obvious injustice has never been openly challenged even by those directly affected and who bitterly resent being so classified.

But the United States refused to follow either the South African system of making their Afro-Dutch offspring’s a separate ethnic group by law and calling them “Coloureds,” or the ancient practice of Egypt and the Arab world of classifying mixed breeds as “white.” This fact has had a tremendous impact on integrationist Negroes in the United States, leading many to identify with the Arab world, rather than Africa; and even to adopt Arabic names, rather than African names. In fact, because of their powerful hold on Africa through the religion of Islam, and the vast Coloured population in many Arab states, many white Arabs will publicly state (for African ears) that they are a non white people.

However, even if the United States did attempt to reclassify this group as either white or coloured, the millions who are bound to the African race by unbreakable ties of love would fight such a move to its death. These have no desire to be either white or “coloured.” For like the late Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, who could have passed for “white” anywhere in the world, they would say, “Call me Black?”—knowing full well that “Black” refers not to anyone’s color (for which none is responsible), but “Black” defines one’s attitude towards the homeland of his ancestors which from times immemorial was called

 “The Land of the Blacks.” Something different developed in Black America for; whereas, in most other parts of the world the Mulattoes form an elite caste, this is true only of certain groups in the United States—such as the Zealots of Maryland and Virginia (also known by other names) and their spill-over in Washington, D.C. In general, the divided loyalties split them as anti- African and pro-African, which is the way it always has been.

The “view of the bridge” thus far has been a refocus on the futility of our continuing and child-like faith in the white man’s justice, and belief that our protests, marching demonstrations, singing and praying will change his six thousand years of hostility to us; and that the Negroes who frantically battle for admission to white suburbia, and to its private clubs, golf courses, swimming pools, etc., will never be welcomed even though they many be “near-white” in color. The final focal point in this connection is that the masses, from the blackest of the Blacks to the lightest of the lights, do not care at all about socially mixing with the whites.

They, the whites, on their part, have no reason or inclination to do more than make token concessions from time to time, thus quieting noisy “leaders,” but never changing the inferior situation of the masses. They still own and control the wealth of Africa, directly and indirectly, and from it, along with that from other areas of the world, they have developed technologies and world commerce—all fully protected by governments, also under their control, that assure them of continued white supremacy.

 This phenomenal success, this unquestionable “position of strength,” derived from their conquests of other peoples and their wealth, has led them to believe that they are, as a matter of fact, the superior people and, therefore, the rightful rulers of this planet. Why, then, should they be expected to yield? “Human Rights?” “Equal Justice?” What are these but narcotic slogans for the masses, even the white masses, which are quickly conceded as “ideals” and “principles” everywhere?

The masses of poor whites also live on these slogans and ideals of equal justice. They are a pitiful people, often half-starved themselves, yet living and having their being in the happy thought that they are members of the white conquering race, and that the once enslaved Blacks among them are living evidence of their own superiority. They enjoy the glory reflected from the domination and power achieved by the ruling minority of their race, too ignorant to realize that they are used as the tools of hate to support their wealth and power concentrated in relatively few hands.

When these poor whites secure the kind of jobs that move them up in that glory land called “Middle Class,” they get the most concrete evidence of their innate superiority. They find that the economic system is so structured that,

(1) to secure better jobs and advancement, the number one qualification is to be white;

(2) that even where only a token number of non-whites are employed, they may be required to have college degrees (and sometimes the Master’s) while the higher salaried whites, including the supervisors, may not have a high school education. These are not merely “may” and “may not” theories. In the United States the official statistics show that, nation-wide, black college graduates not only earn $1,040 a year less than white high school graduates, but they earn less than a white 10th grader. The white college graduates averages $3,095 more than the black college graduate;

(3) Blacks must pay more to live than whites. The lower wages they receive and the higher prices they must pay are built-in guarantees that they will always occupy an inferior place in the society. Merchants now generally have two prices for the same goods, one “black” and one “white.” With the uneducated Blacks they are having a field day. They are equally successful in robbing the educated black “middle class” because of its abiding faith and status-striving complex. These are the “Negroes” who readily pay $225 a month for a house just vacated by whites who rented it for only $125, and “Negroes” who buy $25,000 homes listed to whites for from $5,000 to $10,000 less—provided, of course, that “white folks previously lived there.” And the “Inner City” food markets charge higher prices for cheaper brands of canned goods and equally high prices for leftovers from their first class stores in surrounding white suburbia; and

(4) the insurance companies face this economic war on the Blacks boldly and actuarially. They simply charge Blacks more for less benefits. Blacks must pay much higher premiums than whites for life insurance, for example, because it has been determined that their life expectancy is 10 years less than that of the whites. For the insurance industry it is strictly a matter of business. They know that the total economic system is so structured against the Blacks that it is impossible for them to maintain proper health standards. Being Black, they must die first—by 10 years.

All this gives comfort and assurance to the poor and once-poor “silent majority.” They feel that they have every reason to be silent, for does not this silent and secret war against the Blacks, carried on every hour of their existence and deeply structured in the very fabric of national life, public and private, does this not reassure them every day that they are, indeed, members of the supreme ruling race?

The “View from the Bridge” had to focus first on the United States because so much points to this land as the place where the first major racial explosion is likely to occur. One would think that South Africa feels more secure with huge American investments and military backing than America itself is.

              A View Of The Motherland

This brings us to the main reason for the focus on America. It quickly assumed the role of the whole white west as the various powers were forced from their imperial rule in Asia and Africa—forced, that is to say, from direct political rule, or the political functions of colonialism. The world at large, in the greatest misconception of modern times; took this to mean African independence at last, African freedom and the end of European colonialism. The plain truth is that the African states today are not even half free and independent, for colonialists was from the beginning exactly what it is today, an economic system for the control and exploitation of the wealth of other peoples.

It was and it is a private enterprise system. Colonial government was initially company government. When the political task got too big because of the increasing rivalries between the great powers, the mother countries would appoint colonial governors and other administrators. In other words, government by the home country came in as a protecting umbrella for the main objective: economic exploitation.

That economic control still prevails all over Africa. It is not “neo-colonialism,” but the old colonialism itself, still carrying on under the beautiful and high flying flags of “independent” African nations. The various mineral resources are so vast and involve so many billions of dollars that individual Africans, called upon to decide whom they will serve — their people or the masters of the country’s wealth — often decide to serve the latter. The fact that Africa is still in economic bondage to her former political masters brings us back to our point of departure..

As the more political colonialism disappeared, the United States rushed in to fill the breach, to take up the banner as the “Leader of the Free World” (the Atlantic or Western powers), The American military bases scattered all over the world have meaning far beyond any supposed Communist threat. Rich European nations no longer need to maintain their usual armies for defense, for their Great White Brother, Uncle Sam, will gladly draft men to keep American forces there. American armed might is everywhere, ready to rush in to play the self- assigned role. This new world mission of the United States replaces, as far as it can, the more direct rule of the Western powers over the non white peoples. The threat to Black Africa and black people everywhere should be obvious.

From the very beginning, for example, the American secret policy was to give little or no assistance to Africa. Outright grants, such as the billions poured into Europe, were never expected by the black nations. The Africans had sense enough to know that such free gifts were for whites only. But they did expect to secure loans on reasonable terms of repayment. The American attitude on loans to African states turned out to be about the same as it would have been if they had been begging for free grants. There was a very definite African policy, however.

The policy was not to announce the policy. There was a public announcement of what was intended as a “policy” early in the 1960s. It is said to Africa, in effect, that the United States would continue its friendly interest and, as always, said little or nothing in the matter of loans. Other friendly advice included the well-known information that they could apply to the World Bank. The big American air and military base in Ethiopia made it a favored African state like Libya. American investments in two other African states enabled them to secure loans.

Black nations that might overcome the foreign economic stranglehold within their countries by increased production and exports for foreign exchange find their export trade blocked by the tariff walls of the same United States and the same European powers whose industrial machines would be crippled without the wealth, mineral resources and basic strategic materials they still control and ship out of Africa. In a word, the Blacks neither own nor control the wealth of their own land. Supposedly free again, they are unable to rebuild even as well as their migrating forefathers did before the Arab and European conquests.

As shown in previous chapters, freed of the white man’s control, a control from which most of them were fleeing, they were overriding all obstacles and successfully building and rebuilding new states until they were finally overtaken in the 19th and as late as the beginning of the 20th century. The overall View from the Bridge, then, is simply the view of where and. how the black people of the world stand today after a summary review of at least 6,000 years of their history. And, whether the focus is on Africa, the Caribbean’s, the Americas or elsewhere, they are now seen standing at the Crossroads of history, and confused.

"Africa history is as old as world history. In fact, African history is the essence of world history. In order to understand African history in its true light, it may be necessary to place Africa at the center of world history and to start the rest of human history from that center. With the second rise of Europe in the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries and the creation of the slave trade and the colonial system that followed, the African people were systematically readout of world history. The Europeans knew then and now that you cannot successfully oppress a consciously historical people. They had to forget, or pretend to forget, all they had previously known about African people...In order to justify the slave trade, the Europeans created an African people in their mind who never existed. They created a people with no known culture and no known contact with a civilized way of life. This was a lie then and it is a lie now." Dr. John Henrik Clarke

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